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Try to search first to see if there is a villager page already created; if not, please create one. Choose to use the villager template when that option pops up because it makes it a LOT easier!! If you can't figure out how to use the box, just enter the information in the body and someone will move it to the correct place.

Even if a villager page has already been created and filled out, you can still play a huge part in how successful and helpful this wiki is! Compare your "new" items with what is already listed and add any that aren't listed!

AND a HUGE thank you to everyone who has so given of their time to enter data, make templates, and update the overall image/design of this wiki! I am amazed every time I log in and there's so much more that's been done. It looks fantastic and is becoming a great resource for this super fun game!

Why we're here:

This is a wiki for recording what new items come with which character. As you unlock characters to design homes for, please keep track and let us know what items they contribute to the game. It's being filled in as we go along; some information is from this reddit thread:


So information is vague and "in general." Thanks to https://www.reddit.com/user/mirukushake for the information provided!

Keep in mind that your "new" tab (the magnifying glass) will show you what's "new" for this character, but you may already have one of the items they unlock and thus those items will not show up on this tab for you. For example, if you unlock the hospital before you unlock Lucky, you'll already have the first-aid kit and it won't show up as "new" for you. For someone who does Lucky before they open the hospital, the first aid kit WILL be a new item for them. This is why we depend on crowd-sourcing this information. When you unlock a new character, check in to see if we have them and if so, what's listed. If you have additional items, please list them for that character's page. If we don't have that character, please add a new page and list what your new items are.

When you create a new page for a villager, please use the template! You should have a message at the top of your screen when you make a new page that asks you to click on a link. PLEASE DO SO. It will help keep the information easier to find and edit! (A huge thank you for this template!!!)

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